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CentraLab - Central European Living Lab for Territorial Innovation

CentraLab is a European Project funded by the Central Europe Programme. The project is based on the promising approach that has emerged under the name "Living Labs".
In this model technology R&D brings infrastructures into real-life contexts to enable a "co-design" process with end users. CentraLab's main objective is to transform Central Europe into a broad-reaching laboratory for innovation, including the social organisational as well as technological dimensions. CentraLab thus aims to clarify the competitive advantage of a new model of innovation that draws on Central Europe's deep, common cultural heritage to strengthen territorial cohesion, promote internal integration and enhance competitiveness through reciprocal learning and partnership building. 10 partners from 8 countries come together in this project to discuss actual findings.

In December 2011, CyberForum e.V. has organised a conference in the framework of this project.

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